When kids start their primary course with a notebook / touchpad, computerization is no new stuff to any management. Yet, seldom an executive dare say one has fully explored every details of her business, using the data input in various system.

Inability to integrate unstructured data stored in heterogeneous systems is one of the many reasons. Lack of programming manpower who can deliver what decison makers need in a timely manner, is also a common problem among all computerised enterprises.



Multiable Business Intelligence (BI) integrates data from various systems, stored in asymmetric structures, into readable formats.

When conventional BI requires programmers to complete over 90% of the development tasks within a report production process, Multiable BI cuts the involvement of programmer more than by half.


SOA architecture allows developers to integrate the report produced with their existing systems.


Zero programming knowledge required within report format development

Cross platform design; resulting report format can run on Windows PC, MacBook, iPad and Android touchpad etc.

128-bit SSL data encryption

Integrated with supporting document library

Support both public and private cloud operation