When quality rather than quantity becomes top priority in the course of continuous business improvement, traditional ERP systems face their bottleneck.

BPM gives decision makers a new dimension to formulate, execute, control and evaluate their business.


ERP systems just focus on quantified analysis (sales volume, stock quantity, gross profit etc.) Little attention is paid to tertiary industries which business processes are much content-intensive.

Traditional collaboration / workflow management systems are not as flexible as they claim to be. Tremendous customisation cost and lengthy implementation incur.

Proprietary software vendor intentionally makes their BPM / collaboration system can only work on Windows platform. Deployment in non-windows platform face numerous unexpected restrictions.

Collaboration / BPM softwares originated in 1990's are mostly email forwarding system. Developers find to hard to fulfill growing needs of handling complicated approval / policy validation with such an outdated software architecture.



Equipped with user-friendly form writer, business policy designer and other management tools, Multiable BPM helps executive effectively transform their business strategy into well controlled processes, with minimal programming effort.

Multiable BPM adopts open standard like BPMN and service-oriented-architecture (SOA) approach. Integration with third party systems (AX, Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP etc.) will just be as easy as development within a single brand system.

Strive for open standard means platform dependency minimisation. Multiable BPM gives you freedom of deployment among Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer and Safari. No matter you are using a MacBook, PC, iPad or Android touchpad, you can enjoy every goodness of Multiable BPM.

Multiable BPM, powered by a sophisticated multi-tier database handling mechanism in the back-end, get rid of most of notorious pitfalls of email-system-based collaboration systems.

Core Modules:



SOA architecture allows developers to integrate the report produced with their existing system.

WYSWYG form writer

Visual workflow designer

Employee grade / position / department sensitive security system

Reporting line Integrated policy / security setting Email / SMS alert Integration with Multiable BI

128-bit SSL data encryption

Integrated with supporting document library

Support both public and private cloud operation