• Haitong Selects Multiable HCM as Their Next Generation of HR System

    As one of the most successful PRC securities firms in Hong Kong, Haitong (HKSE 665) is not new to HR system adoption to boost their efficiency in various human resource operations.

    After years of HR system deployment, Haitong aware it is time to have a more advanced HR system to keep pace with their continuous expansion in both size and market share.

    Powered by numerous flexible and state-of-art features, Multiable HCM is glad to be selected by Haitong as their new HR system after a year-long system selection process.

    About Haitong

    Haitong International Securities Group Limited (“Haitong International”; together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”; Stock Code: 665.HK) is a subsidiary of Haitong International Holdings Limited (“Haitong International Holdings”), a company incorporated in Hong Kong and wholly-owned by Haitong Securities Co., Ltd. (“Haitong Securities”). Haitong Securities is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 600837.SH; 6837.HK). Being one of the leading securities companies in China in terms of total assets and net asset, Haitong Securities provides comprehensive financial services for over 4.6 million retail clients as well as over 12,000 institutional and high net worth clients with more than 240 sales offices spreading across nearly 30 provinces in the country.

  • PolyU Technology & Consultancy Company Limited Awards Multiable ERP Contract

    PTeC offers first-class professional consultancy services that facilitate companies to achieve higher productivity and global competitiveness. To further enhance the overall quality of professional services provided, PTeC decided to source and deploy an advanced ERP system with proven records.

    After detailed study of several ERP systems in the market, Multiable is glad to be selected by PTeC as their vendor to implement ERP system to boost the efficiency on consultancy project management.

    About PolyU Technology & Consultancy Company Limited

    PolyU Technology & Consultancy Company Limited (PTeC) is a consultancy firm founded by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in 1996

  • Multiable Launches Biometric and IoT Integration in HCM

    Multiable is pleased to announce the partnership between Clockgogo and Multiable HCM.

    Powered by the patented technology from Clockgogo, Multiable HCM now gets real-time and trustworthy time card data for clients anywhere anytime.

    Different from traditional time card machine, which involves clumsy installation and expensive on-going maintenance, Clockgogo offers business owners an advanced and affordable time card management solution.

    Together with the 4-level time certification technology (GPS, face recognition, mobile number and CWS), Multiable HCM clients enjoy an unparalleled enhancement in multiple-site attendance management.

    Feedbacks of clients are encouraging while some of them reported a saving of over 90% cost in time card machine.

    Multiable will continue to explore similar partnership with other forerunners to provide maximum efficiency improvement for our clients.

  • Multiable Awarded HR System Contract by Euro Go Go

    After years of successful ERP implementation with Multiable, Euro Go Go strengthens their co-operation with Multiable by going ahead for Multiable HCM.

    Being one of most favorable catering groups among stylish consumers in Hong Kong, Euro Go Go experiences a rapid expansion throughout these years.

    Multiable HCM will not just serve Euro Go Go like a conventional HR system. Web-based deployment together with native app on smartphone allow Euro Go Go to setup an efficient and all-round system to execute their unique HR strategies.

  • Multiable Wins German Pool ERP Contracts

    German Pool has always been the industry leader in the water heater market in Hong Kong; in the past 10 years, German Pool has also diversified its water heater business into a wide range of home electrical appliances product lines. German Pool has more than 700 retail outlets in Hong Kong, including major Electrical Appliances Chain Stores.

    For the sake of continuous business process optimization, German Pool decides to implement a new ERP system in 2013.

    Multiable, with in-depth experience in ERP system for design, sales and project management of electrical appliance and kitchenware, has been chosen as a long term partner to enhance the efficiency in various nodes within German Pool’s operation.


  • Leading Optical Manufacturer Chooses Multiable

    Being one of the largest ODM eyewear companies worldwide, with over 10,000 employees, Sun Hing Optical (HKSE 125) never overlook the importance of human resource management.

    After a year of system evaluation and selection, Sun Hing Optical awards Multiable an HR system contract covering implementation in both Hong Kong and PRC.

    Multiable HCM are chosen for its ready-made local compliance, flexibility and scalability. Multiable HCM will help execute key HR strategies to achieve goals in Sun Hing Optical’s business blueprint with a global perspective.


  • Multiable Wins Hitachi HR System Contract

    Being one of the most well-known and successful conglomerates in the world, Hitachi is not a new player in HR system deployment.

    To succeed amid fierce competitions, Hitachi always looks for ways to further enhance their efficiency in execution of various business strategies.

    After detailed and serious system evaluations, Hitachi identifies Multiable as their partner to take a step forward better control and management on human resource area.

  • Multiable Joins “The Earth Hour 2014”

    To join “The Earth Hour 2014”, a global event organised by WWF – Hong Kong that aims at eliminating the degradation of the Earth's natural environment and building a future where people can live in harmony with nature, Multiable has switched off our rooftop signage/outdoor billboard for one hour from 8:30pm to 9:30pm on 29 March 2014 (Saturday).

    Commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important element of good corporate citizenship, alongside sustainability and good governance. We trust both Multiable and our prestigious clients will be benefited from this momentous CSR initiative by showing our concern to make our world a better place.

  • AV Concept (HKSE 00595) Deploys New Multiable ERP after Decade of Success

    AV Concept has been an ERP customer of Multiable since 2000.

    Like other successful enterprises, AV Concept never stops seeking excellence on top of what they achieved.

    With successful implementations across Hong Kong, PRC and Singapore, AV Concept starts deployment of latest Multiable ERP v9.0 in 2012 and expects another round of efficiency boost.

  • Multiable Wins Contract of MF Jebsen for Cloud-at-Work and HCM System Deployment in the Greater China

    Being one of the most renowned conglomerates in the Greater China, MF Jebsen has extensive business across the region. Carrying numerous famous brands like Aston Martin, Yashica etc., MF Jebsen fully understands how a reliable IT system means and has never been shy to invest in quality systems.

    With proven web-based capability of Multiable HCM, together with latest SOA architecture provided by Cloud-at-Work, Multiable appears as one of the most competitive contenders amid MF Jebsen’s vendor evaluation process.

    After months of market research, MF Jebsen chooses to deploy Multiable HCM and Cloud-at-Work, which will act as their new platform for human resources management and collaboration among various offices in Hong Kong and PRC.

  • Multiable Empowers Chiho Tiande (HKSE 976) to Enhance Resource Utilization and Environmental Protection

    Being the world’s largest listed metal recycler, Chiho Tiande always strives for enhanced efficiency to achieve various business goals.

    After months of evaluation of a large number of software vendors, Chiho Tiande chooses to adopt Multiable HCM to execute and manage their HR strategies so as to stay competitive amid the worldwide market.

    About Chiho Tiande

    Chiho-Tiande Group Limited ("Chiho-Tiande" or the "Company",together with its subsidiaries,"the Group",HKEx stock code:00976),is a recycler specialized in Mixed Metal Scrap recycling, disassembling and processing,and resource recycling.

  • Hung Hing Printing Group (HKSE 450) Awarded Multiable ERP & HCM Contracts

    Being one of the most renowned printing companies in Asia, Hung Hing has always aware the importance of a proven, reliable and powerful system in their pursuit of competence.

    After adoption of Multiable ERP earlier this year, Hung Hing Printing Group decides to deepen their usage of Multiable enterprise management system by deployment of HCM for their several subsidiaries in the region.

    About Hung Hing

    In 1992, Hung Hing listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK: 450), enabling the group to fund expansion in Southern China.

    Today, the Hung Hing Printing Group operates five plants in China and is headquartered in Hong Kong. We employ over 17,000 dedicated employees, and maintain production capabilities that are leading the industry.

  • First Pacific (HKSE 142) Deploys Multiable HCM

    With numerous changes in labour regulations in the region, First Pacific has found their existing HR system fails to deliver responsive support.

    After detailed and thorough system evaluation with numerous vendors, First Pacific decides to enhance their HR operation efficiency through deployment of Multiable HCM, a proven system widely adopted among listed companies in Asia.

    About First Pacific

    First Pacific (HKEx: 00142) is a Hong Kong-based investment management and holding company with operations located in Asia. Its principal business interests relate to Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Consumer Food Products and Natural Resources. Listed in Hong Kong, First Pacific's shares are also available for trading in the United States through American Depositary Receipts.

  • Brooks Brothers Signed Contract with Multiable to Enhance Efficiency

    AS AMERICA'S OLDEST CLOTHING RETAILER, Brooks Brothers has a long history of creating long-term relationships with both customers and Associates. With more than 200 stores throughout the United States and Canada and more than 130 locations abroad, Brooks Brothers continues to grow the brand with a respect for our heritage and a vision for the future.

    In pursuit of such goals, to develop and maintain a pool of highly talented manpower is critical.

    After months of system evaluation, Multiable has been chosen to help enhance human capital management in Hong Kong and Korea.

  • Multiable Empowers Taipan Bread & Cakes by State-of-Art HCM System

    Just like other famous food / retail brands, without an advanced automated system, Taipan finds it hard to maintain timely response to the ever-changing business environment amid their fast expansion over the years.

    Multiable HCM, a reputable HR system in region for its flexibility in front of numerous regulation changes, is chosen to help improve the human resource management efficiency.

    About Taipan:


    集團於1989年推出全球首創冰皮月餅(Snowy Mooncakes),旋即受廣大消費者歡迎,成為了集團之「招牌產品」。有別於傳統廣式月餅,大班冰皮月餅口感冰涼清爽,口味獨特多元化,深受新一代消費者口味認同。經過20多年發展,冰皮月餅巳成為香港月餅市場主流,根據Oracle Added Value 調查公司報告顯示,目前有一半的香港市民有享用冰皮月餅的習慣,大班冰皮月餅更是銷量冠軍。

  • Value Partners (HKSE 806) Chooses Multiable HCM as Their HR Management Tools

    Value Partners Limited is an asset management firm dedicated to delivering exceptional investment performance through a single strategy - value investing. Applying this time-honoured approach to investing with strict discipline, the firm's investment team has been rated as one of the top-performing Greater China fund managers by major rating agencies.

    Value Partners has been named as one of the three leading fund management firms in the region in the prestigious Thomson Reuters Extel Asia-Pacific Survey 2009. The survey, published in December 2009, also ranks the “leading buyside individuals” in fund management in the Asia-Pacific region, and Value Partners fund manager, Mr. Eric Chow is ranked No. 1, out of 25 individuals named.

    Separately, Value Partners was ranked the 2nd largest hedge fund manager in Asia in 2007, 2008 and 2009 by Alpha Magazine. These rankings are calculated base on the total assets under management of head fund managers.

    To enhance execution of various human capital strategies, Value Partners chooses to work with Multiable and boost their efficiency amid fierce competition within the financial industry.

  • No. 1 European Luxury Skin Care Brand, CLARINS, Proves Multiable to be International Retailer’s Favorite Again

    With the explosive consumer needs in beauty care marketing in the region, any leading European brand will find it hard to hold its expansion in the Greater China.

    Growing number of shops, product lines, manpower and skill sets to be managed, HR practitioner faces tough challenges everyday under such a rapid business expansion.

    With its reputable web-based system deployment experience since 2001, Clarins chooses Multiable HCM as her partner to enhance various HR operations both in headquarters and numerous shops in the region.